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Surrounded by the picturesque Voreifel, our Romantik Parkhotel is the base. Discover the Eifel National Park, explore our idyllic old town and Stolberg Castle.

Not far from the Germany-Netherlands-Belgium border triangle, you will find European cultural monuments and cities worth seeing, such as Aachen or Maastricht, within a radius of 30 to 60 minutes.


Starting from the hotel, a well-developed network of hiking trails is an invitation to engage in sporting activities. The Copper Route (Kupferroute), a premium hiking trail that can also be used as a feeder to the Eifelsteig, is especially noteworthy. Our reception also has other maps, pre-planned routes and informational material, which we will be happy to provide you with. On request, we can also provide you with a filled rental backpack for your picnic while you are out and about.


The "Blau Weiß Stolberg" tennis club is in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. As a guest at the Romantik Parkhotel you have the opportunity to play tennis here at short notice at attractive conditions. We will be happy to inform you about further possibilities when you arrive. If you need assistance in the run-up to a planned trip, please contact us. We will be happy to help you with your individual plans.


Stolberg - the copper town in the Aachen region

Overlooking the whole town, which has a population of just under 60,000 and is located on the northern edge of the Eifel, is the castle. It is situated on a mighty limestone rock above the Vichtbach valley. Below the castle fortifications lies the historical town centre, of which large parts have been preserved. The historic old town delights visitors with its winding streets and alleys, its squares and historical monuments to the left and right of the river Vicht.

Regularly changing exhibitions take place in the gallery in the castle’s main building. Classical concerts turn the Rittersaal into a unique experience. The museum, which is housed in the Torburg, contains a wealth of information about crafts and the history of Stolberg on more than five floors.

The Stolberg copper masters and the history of the "Stolberg gold" are the main themes in the Zinkhütter Hof Museum on Cockerillstrasse. As a museum for the industrial, economic and social history of the Aachen region, the Zinkhütter Hof shows the development of one of the oldest industrial regions in Central Europe.

Due to its well-developed hiking and biking trails, direct access to the Eifelsteig and its location in the Nordeifel Nature Park, Stolberg is increasingly also becoming an Eldorado for nature lovers.

Aachen - imperial, spa and equestrian city

The old imperial city of Aachen, which with its cathedral boasts a world heritage site of the first order, is about 10 km from the hotel. The central element of the cathedral was built about 1200 years ago by Emperor Charlemagne, who had chosen the imperial palace of Aachen as the centre of his vast empire.

But Aachen has more to offer than just time-honoured architecture. Every year, a number of events take place here that attract international interest far beyond the region. First of all, there is the "International Charlemagne Prize", one of the most renowned European prizes awarded for work done in the service of European unification, then there is the CHIO – the international world festival of equestrian sports – which takes place every summer. At the beginning of the year, there is also the awarding of the "Ordens wider dem tierischen Ernst", which is one of the best-known carnival orders in Germany.

The RWTH Aachen University, which enjoys an excellent international reputation in many fields and whose many students contribute to the bustling life in the spa town, also deserves special mention.


Carolus Thermal Baths

Visitors to the Carolus Thermen Bad Aachen can experience the healing effects of the hottest springs north of the Alps. The heat and 19 different mineral elements have a positive influence on diseases of the bones, muscles, joints and skin.

Even the Romans and Celts knew about the beneficial power of the water bubbling up from the depths. The Carolus Thermen with its thermal baths and saunas offers a wide range of pampering as well as restaurants and bistros, a total of four relaxation worlds, which let guests forget their stress and hecticness of their lives for a few hours.

The Carolus Therme is in the old imperial city of Aachen, which is about 10 km away from the hotel

Eifel National Park

Something is happening in the Eifel National Park that has not happened to this degree anywhere else in North Rhine-Westphalia: expansive forests and open landscapes are returning to the wilderness!

The Eifel National Park, which was founded in 2004 and spans some 110 square kilometres, is still classed as a “National Park in development”. Conservation areas within this category have thirty years to allow at least three quarters of the area to return to nature – it is only then that they fulfil the international National Park criteria. And over half of the area is already operating in line with the National Park motto “Let nature be nature”; in other words, humans are leaving nature to live by its own rules. This allows thousands of endangered animal and plant species to propagate in the special and newly created habitats. Thus, rare animal species like black storks, Eurasian eagle owls and wild cats can find the safe havens vital to their survival in the Eifel National Park. Protecting the natural environment, including these habitats and their inhabitants is the main objective of the Eifel National Park. Experience the fascinating process of the newly developing wilderness at close quarters! Watch wild animals, roam the natural beech and mixed forests, and enjoy magical panoramic views of the impressive lakelands or the open grassland of the Dreiborn Plateau. Discover the region under your own steam or enjoy a guided tour by one of our expert rangers or forest guides.

There is plenty to discover – whatever the season!