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Recommendations / certificates 

Star rating:

With its five internationally recognised criteria, the German hotel classification system provides a reliable way of selecting a hotel, be it one star or five. All stars are granted according to objective criteria and checked and updated regularly.

The German hotel classification system uses minimum criteria, which impose more demanding requirements in line with an increasing number of stars. In addition, points are given for the following areas: 

  • Buildings/space on offer 
  • Furnishings/equipment 
  • Service 
  • Leisure facilities 
  • Range and advertising of offers

The following principle applies: The more stars, the more characteristics must be met.

In May 2013, the “Romantik Parkhotel am Hammerberg” was once again classified as a four-star B&B hotel for the next three years. Therefore, as accommodation so highly rated, a number of criteria must be fulfilled, including:

  • With a separate reception, staffed 18 hours a day, 24-hour availability 
  • Lobby with seating area and drinks service 
  • Breakfast buffet 
  • Bathrobe; slippers on request 
  • Cosmetics in the bathroom 
  • Internet access (Wi-Fi) in the rooms and in the public areas

Qualitätsgastgeber Wanderbares Deutschland:

With the “Qualitätsgastgeber Wanderbares Deutschland” label, the “Deutscher Wanderverband” (German Hikers’ Association) offers the only nationwide, tested rating for exceptionally hiker-friendly accommodation.

In order to obtain this coveted rating, the hosts must meet a number of criteria (such as being situated within an attractive hiking region, offering information on regional sights and, in addition, provision of a first-aid kit, a drying room and trays for hiking boots, to name but a few). Once a total of 23 key criteria and a minimum of 9 further elective criteria are met and a check has been carried out, establishments may present themselves on Germany’s hiking platform No. 1

Gastgeber Regionalmarke Eifel:

“Regionalmarke Eifel” – achieving more together, under one brand.

With the “Regionalmarke Eifel” an emblem has been created, by which consumers can immediately recognise special quality from the Eifel region. The brand label with the yellow “e”, against a four-colour background, symbolises the diversity of the different quality products from the four areas of agriculture, forestry, handicraft and tourism.  


The “Regionalmarke Eifel” is only awarded to food products, wood products and tourist services if it can be transparently proven to the consumer that the quality has been controlled and the respective products/services originate from the physical region of the Eifel. Strict quality criteria and comprehensive controls guarantee genuine quality from the Eifel region and, in addition, contribute to the sustainable economy in the cultural landscape of the Eifel.

Service Qualität Deutschland:

Say good-bye to the service wasteland of Germany!

According to the Federal Ministry of Economics, three in every four employees in Germany work in the service industry. The economic importance of the service sector is immense. The “Service-Qualität Deutschland” (Service Quality in Germany) initiative has made it its business to safeguard the success factor of customer satisfaction.

Companies that wish to carry the official “Service Q” seal are checked regularly. In addition, these companies must, at regular intervals, submit detailed reports in which in-house training courses are described. Furthermore, they must illustrate the measures taken to improve the service quality in the respective company.

The objectives of “Service Q Deutschland” are as follows:

  • Nationwide sustainable and visible improvement of the service quality 
  • Increase of the quality awareness within all service companies 
  • Development, promotion and communication of consistent standards for service quality 
  • Review of the quality awareness and the quality of service provided, from different perspectives 
  • Improvement and increase in customer satisfaction 
  • Promotion and consolidation of the co-operation between different service providers in the service chain 
  • Provision of a three-stage system for the step-by-step improvement of the service quality in service companies, using practice-oriented tools

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